Ten to Eleven

In this exhibition we return to the year 1972. In May 2022 it is exactly 50 years ago that the Carilion almost collapsed. The old centre of Edam avoided, by a whisker, losing its distinctive tower which dates from 1562. To commemorate this event, Edam Museum presents, in collaboration with photographer C. Barton van Flymen and Marianne Jonkman, the exhibition Ten to Eleven; “The near disaster of the Carillion Tower.

C. Barton van Flymen’s previously unpublished photo collection from 1972 forms the basis of this spectacular exhibition; supplemented with personal stories and special objects. History comes to life again in the City Hall, where a unique documentary film about the near-disaster can also be seen. The book Ten to  Eleven with Barton’s photo collection and special testimonials is also available in the museum.

Travel back to 1972 and emerse yourself in this special experiential exhibition! The exhibition Ten to Eleven can be seen in the City Hall from 10th May to 31st October 2022.