Wonderful landscapes by Anneke Peereboom

Anneke Peereboom (1950), who lives and works in Edam, has been an active painter for many years. Her paintings are wonderful landscapes of water the world and fantasy and encourage a search for understanding and recognition. Anneke’s exhibition Lines and Signs, Creation and Separation is on display in Edam Museum from 2nd April.

For this exhibition, Anneke found inspiration in North Holland’s water-rich environment and looked at the separation of land and water. The strengthening, and here and there the widening, of dykes is a topical subject with much to experience visually. Beautiful expanses of coloured sand, magnificent sturdy stones, old basalt blocks, dykes in a variety of designs, powerful machines and the water which looks so innocent; we see it all in Anneke’s landscapes.

Anneke Peereboom has her studio at her home in Edam, but regularly goes out to get inspiration. “I like to be in a place where the water meets the land. I feel the energy and immerse myself in dreams with the light that plays on the water. I want to share that feeling and tell my story in a painting, as it were” she explains enthusiastically. “It makes me happy when people look at my work and recognize a story. And I am honoured that I can now show my work in Edam Museum. It is very nice to see art and culture are important for people in this community.”

Besides paintings, Anneke is also exhibiting screen prints and smaller works cast in epoxy in the museum where some screen prints and the exhibition booklet are available to buy. The book includes Anneke’s paintings with deft texts by writer Eric Bos. “Her ‘landscapes’ are spaces in which all kinds of things happen, and which cordially invite you to take a look, to immerse yourself, to become a part of it” he writes in the book. “They stimulate the poet to write poetry, the essayist to write, the composer to invent musical harmonies.”

The exhibition Lines and Signs, Creation and Separation is in the stadhuis and open to the public from 2nd April to 4th June. Check www.edamsmuseum.nl for current opening times.